Tips on how to look congruent

I Focus on your goals before you speak . This will motivate you, making your words feel real, which should make your gestures feel genuine, rather than coming across as rehearsed I Sell your message to yourself first . Ifyou believe what you're saying, then your body will fall into synchronization I Avoid exaggerations when you're trying to be convincing. The more you stress your point the more chance your gestures will let you down I Control your breathing and de-stress your body before you speak When pressure builds up your muscles tense, making natural-looking body language impossible Breathe out slowly to relax your body and give your hands and feet a little shake to relax the muscles in your arms and legs I If your shoulder muscles are tense, then your entire body will look awkward Drop them back and down and stretch your neck upward as this will unlock your posture

I Genuine gestures precede your words by a split second . If you feel yourself struggling to add a gesture to endorse something you said, drop it and do something else with your hands I Talk to yourself in a full-length mirror . If you're not naturally a body language chatterbox you could feel awkward when you do start endorsing your words with gestures One small workout every day will make you look and feel more confident I Visualize yourself talking and gesticulating. The imagination is a powerful tool and spending a few moments doing some virtual rehearsal will be almost as good as the real thing I Congruence can also apply to group scenarios . When you're with other people, sitting or standing like them is called postural congruence and can imply group uniformity or acceptance

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