To Influence A Mover

I Plan your communications and make sure they're well structured before you get into conversation I Keep it concise.

I Use emphatic but not challenging body language . Avoid higher-status displays, as otherwise Movers will never agree with your idea or point; they will just want to smash you down to a lower status level I Be prepared to use submissive displays on occasion to score a "hit" but only when you can see their decisions will be based on making themselves look big I Make sure your gestures are congruent with your speech. Movers have a nose for people who are putting it on or who don't know what they're talking about

I Stand face-to-face and use eye contact.

I Never pin the Mover down; they like an escape route .

I Sell them ideas that will make them feel like a winner, or that will allow them to take personal glory .

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