Unpopularity At Work

There are two easy ways to make yourself unpopular at work: one is to be the boss and spend every waking moment reminding your colleagues of that fact, and the second is to not be the boss but keep throwing your weight around as though you were

In power and status terms here are a few other options Do you see yourself in one of these categories? If so, it's a good idea to look at your body language and see what you can change to improve your status

I Reflectors: people who hang around the boss, brown-nosing, or people who embark on sexual relationships with the boss to bask in the reflected glory . I Dippers: people who adopt high or low status signals depending on the circumstances I Hiders: people who yearn for status but who fail to display status signals, then complain when they get looked over for promotion, claiming the boss should have spotted the fact that they were capable of change if and when the promotion had been offered

I Skulkers: people who prefer to be submissive .

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