What is charisma

Like stress and good sex we all know what we mean by charisma and yet it's hard to define it If I asked you to make a list of charismatic people you'd probably start with Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton and then stall . So what is charisma and how can you get it?

I don't normally like plundering dictionaries when I run courses or write books, as they often don't take account of word perception—by which I mean the generally understood meaning of words—and perception is what I'm all about . However, it's useful to know what we should mean when we refer to charisma: "an extraordinary power in a person, group, cause... which takes hold of popular imagination, wins popular support." (Longman Modern English Dictionary).

The good news is that charisma doesn't have to be part of your DNA . You can't buy it in a shop, but you sure can learn it and develop the techniques The other good thing is that they're quite simple and easy to put into practice What's the bad news? There isn't any, really, it's all good .

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