Word test finding out why your words dont always count

Here's a test you can try at home to shock yourself into realizing the low value of your verbal communication, especially when used in isolation

Ask a friend, relative, or partner to lie on the floor with their eyes closed Then, using concise, step-by-step verbal commands, tell them how to get up . Each instruction must be gradual and specific and you mustn't use body language You can't say "roll over" or "sit up" but you can say things like: "move your hand forty-five degrees to the left . " See how hard it is to form clear, precise, specific verbal communications without the nonverbal signals to explain them? It's the quickest way to spot the fact that what's in your head remains in your head . What you say only partially transcribes your thoughts As you struggle with this exercise you'll begin to understand how nonspecific your verbal communications are and how much we expect other people to read our minds

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