Your image and personal marketing processes

Your image is important—probably even more important than you realize—and your body language is a vital component in creating that image and therefore selling yourself. We exist in an image-conscious and image-compliant society where looking the best wins hands down over being the best. Is this fair? Probably not, but it's still a fact of life . As the Internet, texts, and emails have created a vast, unmanageable silo of dead communication so we've come to realize that we're increasingly reliant on visual signals and cues to deliver the real story behind all the spin and hype . This rabid distrust and need for endorsement or proof of honesty is a syndrome I've identified as "show, don't tell . " In any key situation, from recruitment selection to picking a prime minister, we're increasingly drawn toward using the evidence of our eyes over that of our ears . Ideally the "show" should come from deeds rather than body image, but another symptom of modern life is that we live in what's called the cult of competitive busyness . Put bluntly, we don't have enough hours in the day to make measured decisions about people or their talents based on what they do or what they've done in the past

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