Your inner child

Remember those pseudo-infantile remotivators? As you grow up, your body language follows suit—or does it? We like to think we leave all that thumb-sucking stuff in the stroller, but your inner child will surface in your body language every time you're stressed, anxious, or missing out on something you wanted. Okay, so you probably don't stick your thumb in your mouth but I expect your self-comfort repertoire contains some form of sucking or chewing, possibly involving the end of a pen or your fingernails And your face when you're being sulky is probably not a million miles away from the look you wore as a toddler

When you get put under pressure or placed in a state of fear or anxiety your sympathetic nervous system and your parasympathetic nervous system get into conflict The first prompts the fight-or-flight response and stirs you into action and the second attempts to self-calm In situations where the threat is more in your mind than in reality, these two battling together will produce some uniquely contrasting body language signals that might look very childlike Some will be physiological, like blushing one minute and going white the next as your blood drains, and some will be physical, like pacing about before sitting down exhausted . These can also prompt the next response, which I have called...

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