Your inner heckler

When your gestures work they endorse your message, but gestures can also work against you, turning into your own Personal Heckler Why would we want to heckle ourselves? Perhaps the word "want" is inappropriate Usually it's something we're driven to do and are unable to stop These gestures are also called contradictory signals . Ever find yourself telling people how pleased you are to see them or how interested you are in what they have to say, but then find your eyes flicking around the room in what's called an eye-shuffle or your fingers fiddling with your cuff or a yawn building as they speak to you? This is your Personal Heckling system at work, shouting out: "No they're not!" Or have you ever been telling the boss that you're confident and capable enough to get that promotion while your leg starts to shake or your throat suddenly needs clearing several times? This is your Personal Heckler yelling out: "He's rubbish! Don't promote him, give him the boot!"

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