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or entirely, in which case a woman is physically blocked into a corner with the positioning of the torso. This has the effect of making the woman feel trapped, frightened or even angry. Blocking and cornering can have a profound effect on how a conversation evolves especially if this is during a first impression.

Dave is doing something that no one should. He is blocking Scarlett in and cutting off her exits. In this photograph, he is completely blocking her in, but it could very well happen partially with one arm or with another body part such as a leg. Dave is eliciting negative body language from Scarlett. She is moving her head backwards and away and I suspect if she had the chance, she would exit the situation altogether. If he refuses to move, she'll probably knee him in the crotch._

Men will not be successful at persuading women into romance by making them frightened. Instead, as a man, allow women to invite you into their personal space. Once there, give them plenty of indications that you are giving them full right to leave whenever they please.

It is not a turn on to have men push women over with their body language. Thus, you should avoid trying to approach women who are sitting by standing beside them and towering over them. Rather, they should be approached from a kneeling position unless a chair is nearby. Women could power play as well by overtly cornering a man at his desk, for example. She may come up and sit on his desk to convey a sense of power over him. Normally this will not come across as a sexual advance, but rather an encroachment on his personal space and hence a threat. It is therefore important for both sexes to attempt to bring each other together at eye level so as not to turn each other off. The interaction between men and women isn't a win-lose affair, it's a negotiation that, when done correctly, can be very rewarding for both.

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