Bad Days

Everyone has bad days for a great variety of reasons, most of which are beyond our control. If a woman is giving off bad signals it's probably best to leave her alone and let her shake these negative emotions before approaching her. If you are present during these feelings she may project her negative attitude onto you. During rough times, it's especially inappropriate to make sexual advances. The last thing on someone's mind during bad times is a sexual relationship (well, most often).

You might also create a situation whereby you allow a woman to change her body language. It might be as simple as extending a drink to force an arm that was ordinarily rigid against her body to be extended to accept the drink. This simple motion can serve as a catalyst to more open body postures. There are two theories about moods and emotions: either the internal anger is controlling the external negative body language or the negative body language is somehow causing the mind to be in a bad mood. It's most likely a mixture of the two, but the idea still applies. If you can induce people to open up their posture, there is a good chance that their minds will open up as well.

Scarlett is showing signs of opening up. She is removing an article of clothing. She is comfortable enough with Dave to show him that she is in no hurry to leave and is also revealing more skin, which is always a good sign._

Asking a woman to dance can force her body to open up and she may find that the action of dancing puts her in a better mood. In theory at least, it is always more productive to respond to the body language and subtly adjust it first before trying to attack the emotions behind it. Speaking about emotions can sometimes make them better, but it is risky. Using body language as a gauge of mood is a great way to avoid falling into a serious argument and gives pretense by which to operate under.

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