Body Rocking

There are plenty of subtle cues we can use to indicate our intentions and thoughts to others. It's a fun game to play with people, especially when the conversation is fairly idle or one-sided in their favor. Really, it's for people who continue to chat forever when you are in fact more interested in leaving to go someplace else. Rocking is meant to outline the movement your body naturally does as it prepares to move in another direction. What you do is shift your weight from one foot to the other and lean back to signify that you are bored with the conversation. It's a way of testing interest in another person or their desire to continue the interaction. It induces them into thinking you have better things to do. Someone with feet planted firmly more than likely wants to continue the conversation. Another way to indicate that you are interested in leaving the conversation is by pointing your toes toward the exit or slowly shifting in that direction. Body rocking is a great way to show that you have high status because it makes the other person think that you have better company waiting. Body language is everywhere.

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