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Women use body language as a means to an end. A woman's goal is to have you approach her. On the other hand, she may wish to send a message of repulsion. In a relationship, women take the first crucial step by sending appeals to men to approach them. You must take the next step. Body language as it relates to attraction is very strong initially, but women will not continue to flirt forever. Over time, if the hint is not taken, she will back away from signaling, fearing that you are either taken or disinterested. If you are smart, you will get the hint on her first try. Women only rarely pursue men and you will find that as the lines of communication are opened, the cues of sexual interest such as hair tossing and preening diminish. These cues wane over time because their purpose is to bring a couple together rather than to keep a couple together. Once a couple is together verbal communication takes over and the nonverbal sexual body language becomes less useful. This does not mean that she has suddenly become disinterested; it just means that she no longer needs to rely solely on her body to communicate.

After she signals her interest with nonverbal body language she will expect that you will approach her to open a verbal dialogue. She will, at first, stay just out of arm's reach. The reason for this is that she can better assess how valuable she is in your eyes. The more you are willing to chase, she thinks, the better off she is and the more secure she can be in terms of your fidelity and desire for a long-term relationship. However, if after you start the chase she begins to use negative body language then think twice and back off. She may no longer be interested or you may be moving too quickly. A woman who is interested in you will rarely give off negative body language. She may stop giving you positive body language, but she should rarely present negative signals.

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Body Language Magic

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