Crossing And Blocking

If a woman is disinterested, her legs will be crossed away from you. She may also show other defensive gestures, such as crossed arms and placing a hand over her genitals to "protect" them. She can also show disinterest by leaning away from you and not displaying her neck (with her head down facing you). If she is leaning toward you, she may still show disinterest by supporting her head in her hand and placing an arm so as to block her body from you. Another signal of disinterest occurs when she crosses her legs by placing one ankle on top of the knee and then placing a hand (the one closest to you) on the ankle, but this cue is someone ambiguous. Any gesture that cuts off the center of the body from view, either with an arm or due to its position as a whole, is a signal of disinterest. Disinterest is also a function of comfort. The more comfortable someone is, and therefore interested, the more open their postures will be.

Something has gone wrong for Dave. He has lost Scarlett's attention. She is showing strong disinterest or boredom. Her legs are crossed away from Dave, and she is scratching the back of her hands showing that she is uncomfortable. What is probably most important is that she is looking away, possibly at someone across the room, or toward the exit. Dave, on the opposite side, is leaning forward and extending his drink in her direction possibly trying to regain her attention. He'd be better off to either convince her to change her posture or even approach her from the other direction. If she continues this negative body language she will lose the remainder of any interest she might have had.

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