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While reading the following signals, it is important to keep in mind the context in which they appear. For example, in a business meeting, it would be foolish to read a hair toss as a sexual signal, especially if it was done by your boss in front the rest of the staff and wasn't followed by strong eye contact. A co-worker having legs crossed toward you, given a similar context, would also not be a signal of interest. The situation in which the action takes place is important. One might also consider the location and the greater environment such as the temperature. For example, in a hot building, a woman might begin to remove a long-sleeved shirt or unbutton a blouse. For someone not attuned to the situation, this could be taken as an overt sexual message, but in reality it might not be a signal at all. Conversely, at a formal event or around newly acquainted people, or while presenting at a meeting, the body tends to tense up. An approach, at this time will not reflect true feelings. Therefore, body language might have nothing at all to do with particular relationships or who is in the room, but rather could be a reflection of the context or temperature. So while reading the following, please keep in mind that the body language cues are context-specific and can be compounded with feelings and emotions attached to a thought that may or may not be currently applicable.

When a woman is not interested in your company, she will exhibit certain body postures and gestures. The more postures and gestures she shows the more disinterested she is. Keep in mind that body language is additive and so individual signals work together to send a message to others. For the most part, 'disinterest' and simply 'not showing interest' are the same thing. For example, a woman might play with her hair suggestively to signal interest but she might also not play with her hair, and this can be taken as a sign of disinterest. Overall, there are far more variations to show interest than disinterest. Disinterest is fairly cut and dry and obvious such as arms and legs crossed and avoidance of eye contact. Positive indicators of interest are more numerous and obscure most likely because interest is something that is ever changing depending on many variables, specifically the current usefulness and practicality of someone to our own goals. The main point I want to make here is that by not giving a positive cue, a woman is sending the signal that she is not interested. We will still cover a fair number of gestures that are specific to showing disinterest here though because some cues are specifically cues of disinterest. While at this moment it might sound somewhat confusing, in addition to the text you will find that the photos and captions make the cues appear somewhat intuitive.

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