Eye Blink Rate

If a woman likes you she will exhibit a high rate of blinking. When we blink we add moisture to the eye with the help of tears allowing us to see better. This explains the reason for blinking more often during periods of attraction. We don't want to miss a thing! This is just one possible explanation for a high blink rate though. High blink rates can also be attributed to dry air, stress, or any multitude of other reasons. For this to be an indication of attraction it is best to look at the full picture.

You might experiment by artificially increasing your blink rate to see if your person of interest responds in kind. In this form, it could be construed as mimicry or even echoing your gestures. You might also run the opposite experiment whereby you don't blink at all or else keep your eyes closed for an extended period of time. What sort of effect do you think this would cause? I can save you the trouble with the experiment: it is actually very off-putting to close your eyes for longer than normal because, for that time when your eyes are closed, you have ceased taking in non-verbal cues from the people around you. Taking the opposite course, you could hold them open for longer. Keeping your eyes open and focused on a woman for an extended period of time while holding a sincere gaze (not a stare) will lead to some great results.

You might also have your eyes perform a wink, except with both eyes instead of just one (a single eye wink can be somewhat off-putting when done by men). The double wink is done by blinking, but at a much slower rate, meaning at about a third the rate of a normal blink. You will also do well to add a smile as you reopen your eyes. Thus, a typical sequence of events would be to look away from

Women are not immune from scanning over men of interest. While women are not as overt as men, these fleeting glances do occur. This is why a good friend or wingman is important to assist you by cataloguing which woman are sending eye shots in your direction. Clearly, Scarlett is casting a stare at Dave's buttocks, but this glance will be so quick it will be barely perceivable to anyone not aware of her interest.

your object of affection, then when you are sure she is looking, return your gaze, then as you connect eyes, blink slowly and as you reopen your eyes add an honest, symmetrical smile. The effects can be intense! Women might be as overt as to offer a full on wink, but this would be an exception and reserved for more aggressive women. Most often women will send fleeting glances with fluttering eyes and batting eyelashes over full winks.

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