Eye Games

done at a fairly close distance. If the woman reciprocates your face scans, then you should feel free to approach her. If she adds a couple of smiles and some other signs of interest you should have even more confidence in her attraction. As you approach a woman initially, be sure to catch her eyes. If she scans your body up and down and forms a small smile then she is sizing you up in a good way. This final scan before you approach is essentially going to represent her "first" impression of you and it will most likely determine the pretense by which your conversation will be evaluated.

When a woman scans a man, she spends more time on his face than any other part of his body. She will scan his eyes and mouth for the majority of the time. She will also be looking for overall build, his hair, clothing, and shoes. Thus, it is important that you keep proper hygiene and be conscious of attire. A nice pair of shoes would not hurt either.

If you are looking around the room and you notice a woman you are attracted to and she meets your glance, you must respond correctly. Start by breaking your eye contact by looking down instead of to the side. Downward eye aversion shows the woman that you are not aggressive. If you look to the side then you are telling her that you are merely scanning the room and aren't interested. The reason for this is that we typically scan rooms horizontally. So if you continue past your object of attraction, then she will assume that you aren't interested. What you want to do is avert your gaze downwards as if to say that you have been "caught" looking at something you should not have been. Looking down is akin to an admittance of attraction. If, on the other hand, you do not break the contact at all then you are sending a dominant or aggressive display which will not be attractive to the opposite sex. An exception to this occurs when a woman is particularly interested in you as she will naturally avert her gaze by looking downwards much quicker than you. In this case you aren't averting your gaze at all, because she is doing it for you. Avoid staring at women for long periods of time or stealing glances with sideways eyes.

The next step is to scan the room again and meet her eyes. This time, spend a couple of seconds scanning her face. Be careful not to scan too much though as women do not enjoy leering. Many sexual harassment cases have ensued from extremes of such behavior. Step three might include a few more scans to meet her eyes followed by lowering them. You can then add in a more full-face scan. Most face scans last about 3 seconds and occur as the eyes move around the face. If you prolong this then you are sending an even stronger signal. Proximity by which this scanning takes place also affects the strength. It is something that is fairly difficult to do at a distance greater than 5 feet because there is little detail to discern. Thus, this gesture is best

When playing the eye game, you might be caught in a period of mutual gaze. You might find that you are stuck in a "freeze" wherein you are both unable to look away. This is described as a fear response and shows that you are both not going to act aggressively toward one another. If you find that a woman exhibits this freeze response you can be sure that she likes you. Staring is commonly used as a way to intimidate rivals except as it pertains to intimate couples. Thus, any prolonged eye scanning or starring by a woman at a man can usually be taken to mean that she is attracted...or wants to kill you!

When a woman is attracted to a man she will often fake that she is indifferent to the contact you have made. Women do not want to send too strong of a signal. After all, she wants you to "dance" for her. Women don't want to come off as being "easy," so they only give subtle hints. To her, there is no middle ground; she is either coming off as promiscuous or non-promiscuous. If she is looking for a long-term relationship she will not be giving you the whole body dance that you might come to expect from reading the extensive list of signals in this book. She only wants to give you enough nonverbal communication so that you get the idea. She will then step back and wait for you to chase.

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