Eyeball Assault

Women are especially turned off by men who commit "eyeball assault." Do not be one of those men. Try not to be too aggressive with your looks. Women are usually not attracted to this. Try to resist doing the old "up and down" no matter what she is wearing. She may be wearing sexy clothing to get attention but any man who is high in social rank will not fall head over heels for any woman, no matter how alluring. Good looking women are fairly common and easy to come by. What is rare is a nice personality to go along with the beauty. Men should play this card against women to test their true value as a potential mate. You will want to display to her that you can get any woman you want. By doing so, you raise yourself to her level and in turn increase your chances of getting her. Rather than assault her with your eyes, admire her in the way that she wants to be. It is painfully obvious to women when men assault them with their eyes. They know that you are staring at them and it is offensive and dehumanizing. Any man who is truly interested in a woman will have more tact than to offend her. While you may think that your glances are incidental, a woman will attach an emotion to your stares and will be cataloguing them for future reference. When and if you finally approach her, she will refer back to the initial impression that you made on her. Hopefully this first impression wasn't of you leering at her from across the room. Also avoid looking down in intimidation. Keep your head up and focused on or about whomever you are talking with. Looking down is a childish posture and used to submit to more dominant people.

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