Dave is striking out here again. He is trying to escalate intimacy by whispering. The only problem is that Scarlett is not interested and instead of leaning in to shrink the distance between them and actually hear what Dave is saying, she is leaning backwards giving off all sorts of indicators of disinterest. Scarlett will most likely resume her conversation with her other friends once she humours him with a false laugh.

Now Dave has Scarlett where he wants her. Dave is using his body language teasingly to block Scarlett out and is scanning the room as if she wasn't the most important girl. He thinks she is, but he doesn't make it obvious to her. Scarlett, on the other hand, is hook, line and sinker for Dave. She is leaning around him trying to regain his attention, has her arms open, and is even thrusting her chest forward into Dave. Dave has his hands out of his pockets showing that he is comfortable in his environment.

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Dave is using body language to his advantage in this situation. His hands are out where people can see them and he is using them to emphasize points in his speech. His hands are also facing upward, which is an open posture showing both honesty and the desire to offer something. In this case, Dave is probably offering a story, but the hardwiring for body language is the same as if he were giving a gift or other tangible item. We can also see that Scarlett is taking well to his posture as she is showing a slight smile and eye contact. She is still a bit unsure of Dave though since her arms are serving to block herself

Dave is showing some very poor body language in this situation. His arms are crossed in a defensive manner. He would be advised to open his position up and display in such a fashion that was more open to the conversation and situation. While having one's arms crossed may seem comfortable, one must also understand the reason that makes this so. Crossed arms form a protective barrier against outside ideas and people and creates a solid line between yourself and the rest of the world. This position might be acceptable for a tough boss, but it isn't useful in dating.

Mark has waited too long to speak to Julie. Julie has closed herself off and because Mark waited so long his value in her eyes has been lowered. Some time ago, Julie has removed her hair to expose her neck and Mark missed the signal._

Mark is showing a relaxed body posture. His arms are open and not fully supported by the bar. His feet are slightly apart and his right hand is hooked into his pocket rather than being totally hidden in a pocket. Julie is showing interest by extending her left arm toward Mark's arm and pointing her toes inwards. She is also making eye contact. Mark is looking away and giving off negative body postures to establish himself as pursuit worthy.

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