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Height differences should never be exploited by any party. This is especially true when one party is sitting and one is standing. However, when both parties are standing, the difference in height can be used advantageously. Dave is a few inches taller than Scarlett, so he can use this to arouse her and appear more dominant. Women normally like to feel secure and protected, and when a man is taller than they are, it gives them the sense that they will receive that protection in their company. Therefore, this height difference is welcome, but towering over someone to put them down or rule over them won't serve your purpose in attraction.

Accidental (or is it incidental) touching is a great sign of interest. Based on the proximity this pair has, it is not surprising that touching has occurred. Normally, a woman won't be overt with her signals. This form of touching is safe and foolproof for the woman and can be used by her to influence Dave into pursuing her. Women often leave the risky and dangerous work, as well as the pursuit, to men.

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Signs Of Attraction

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