This posture by Scarlett signifies dominance, ownership of the situation, and confidence. Often this would mean that she is disinterested. She is sending a powerful non-attraction signal to Dave. In effect, she is saying that she is just fine by herself and doesn't need the "help" of a man.

Here is another variation of closed and disinterested body posture. Note Julie's left arm crossed over her body and holding her elbow and her legs crossed at the ankle. She is also avoiding eye contact. Dave is showing the classic restraint body posture by holding the back of his neck. He is probably fairly upset with himself or her but is trying to remain reserved.

In this photograph, Scarlett is showing boredom and disinterest. She is overtly scanning the room and also leaning away from Dave. She's in essence saying, I'd much rather be over there, than here with you. Dave is casual and relaxed, but this might be a sign that he needs to liven up his dialogue and regain her interest.

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