Drinking in unison and in between topics of conversation is a positive sign of interest. It is an overall part of the mating dance. Imitative body language is a way to establish a connection and, for both the man and woman, a way to test compatibility. It's a way for their bodies to connect without touching at all.

Playing with a piece of jewelry can be particularly seductive depending on how it is done. When a woman becomes aroused all her senses become heightened. This is partially why playing with an object becomes more pleasurable. It is a naturally flirty thing to do and draws attention to her neck and chest.

Glancing in a mirror is simply an extension of self-grooming. In an effort to get noticed by her man of interest, Scarlett is showing that she is taking care of herself and wants to look her best in order to attract a mate. If this is done in front of Dave, then he can be certain that she is doing it for his benefit._

Julie is making an advance on Mark in this situation. Can you tell why? Her body postures are all pointed toward Mark despite the fact that his are all pointed away from her. Mark avoids turning around completely. He is therefore making Julie continue her pursuit of him. Julie is giving off positive signals of interest which includes toes pointed inwards, arms open and leaning in toward Mark.

This is a fairly classic situation. Julie is by herself, possibly awaiting friends. Mark has moved closer to Julie and her posture remained neutral. Because she didn't remove herself or close up her position, Mark could accept this as an invitation to approach. Her head is slightly tilted toward him as well, whereas it could have been moved in the opposite direction. Mark shouldn't wait much longer to make is approach. The longer he waits, the more awkward it will be and the more Julie will become frustrated and shift her focus.

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