Scarlett is showing strong interest by playing with the top buttons of her shirt. She could make this signal more obvious by leaving the buttons open and exposing some cleavage. Any grooming gesture is a form of attraction. It could be smoothing clothing, rearranging various articles of clothing, or rubbing the hands together (which is a symbol of getting ready to receive something), among others. For both men and women it's all about making one self look more composed and attractive.

A perfect body mirror is a sure sign of attraction. The mating dance has occurred when complete synchrony is established. This could happen anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours or more. More often than not, incomplete mirroring occurs when some, but not all of the body positions are adopted. Echoing is when the same positions are imitated but only after some time has passed.

We look toward where we want to be. Scarlett has her hand in the cookie jar on this one. Dave should take this as a sign of interest.

Scarlett is trying to draw attention to herself. She might also be nervous and thus more active with her body positions. Stretching is something people normally do to relieve pressure, and in this case, Dave is causing her to become excited and tense. Her interest would be even more obvious if she motioned her stretching toward Dave by extending her arms in that direction. An acceleration of behaviour is a great positive signal that arousal and interest are present.

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