Mark is playing a little game in this photograph. He is teasingly showing Julie disinterest, which is a test to see if she will reciprocate with additional cues of interest. By looking over his shoulder he is showing that she isn't the center of attention. Julie is falling for the tactic by leaning toward Mark and extending her interest. Dating is a game of cat and mouse.

Mark is taking control with this open body posture. Julie is interested in Mark as she is leaning in and is playing with her hair.

Mark is showing great open male body language, but even so, could be losing Julie's interest. Her head is turned away from him and she is guarding her body with her arms which is a closed body position. She is however, playing with her hair which could either be interest as it would be in grooming or disinterest if due to boredom. There are some mixed signals here, but for the most part disinterest is present.

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