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Avoid holding your drink at your chest. Instead hold it at your side. Having your drink at your chest shows that you are guarded and uncomfortable. The posture is a display rooted in human hardwiring. It is metaphorically similar to protecting your vitals from enemies. The same can be said for leaning forward against a bar or on a table with your elbows and so protecting your chest from exposure. Another such defensive gesture occurs while sitting at a table and holding a hand near your face or playing or talking through a hand. These are all defensive gestures and should be avoided in order to properly give a sense that you are comfortable with yourself.

her again and watch what happens. Next, try moving a bit closer to her and see if you can get her to uncross her arms with some subtle eye contact. Next, cast your eyes toward her as if you are offering sympathy for whatever bad feelings she is harboring. The final step will be to open her up with conversation, perhaps asking her about her day and getting to the root of the reason for her closed body positions. See if by using open postures, you can get her to drop her negative feelings. You might even try getting her to mirror your positive gestures.

You may be surprised to find how easy it is to have people shake their negative feelings and how flattered they become from the outreach of a stranger. I can also guarantee that by opening people up, they will feel more positive and will also attach these positive feelings to you.

Dave is demonstrating how not to hold your drink. Holding a drink at your chest is inadvertently showing a defensive position because it blocks the chest. It is akin to having your arms crossed. Scarlett's body language is basically neutral, but she may be giving off signals of interest by touching her neck.

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