Making A Good Impression

Often, the lifelong impression we associate with others occurs after the first two minutes of interacting. Dressing for status is a good idea. Any woman interested in a long-term relationship will be looking for a man who has resources. One way to show this to the world is to dress the part. In all likelihood, she will analyze everything that you do based upon the idea she has made in her first impression. If you dress nicely then she will take you to be confident and if you dress for comfort, she will think you are a fairly relaxed person. If you are playing the mating game by looking nice you are giving yourself more leeway. She will dismiss a few of your negative attributes if you did not make a good first impression. This leeway might just be the advantage that you need to succeed.

Despite feeling a little bit awkward in front of the camera, Dave shows the proper body language. His feet are shoulder width apart or slightly greater than shoulder width, his hands are out of his pockets, and he is not using the bar or wall for support or comfort. He is saying that he is alright all by himself. The only thing missing in the photograph is someone to dialogue with. A buddy or group of women would definitely complete the picture.

We also formulate impressions of women based on their dress alone. We feel that women who dress provocatively are more overtly sexual. For some, this is true, but it is certainly not true for all. While we can choose based on looks which women we prefer to approach, we can also choose our dress to attract a certain type of woman. Above all else, dress in what makes you feel most comfortable and powerful. This will yield the best results. One might try to dress in clothing that doesn't reveal too much, but rather draws attention to what is hidden. For example, instead of skin tight jeans, which everyone would agree is far from fashionable, one might choose something that highlights a hint of the bicep or the broadness of the shoulders or whatever other feature that you have worth emphasizing.

It is important to differentiate between arousal and attraction. Overtly sexual clothing will serve to arouse interest from the opposite sex, but might not serve to attract them. Therefore, it is important to decide how we wish to be perceived. We might come off as a professional business person with a suit and tie, and in the right company, this will work nicely. However in others' presence, it could come off as uptight and pompous. Thus, it is important to dress in a way that suits the type of person we wish to attract and also the environment. First impressions are long lasting and difficult to shake. Your attire will also give off clues as to your ability to be a long-term desirable partner, as a lover, and eventually, as a husband or parent.

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