Objects As Symbolic Closeness

If you decide that you want to move into her personal space then you must move fairly deliberately. You might also throw in brief eye contact followed by lowered eyes. Don't be afraid to look at her to give her the idea that you are interested. You can even hold this gaze a little longer than what is normally comfortable, but avoid staring. Keep a symmetrical smile and open hands and you'll want to speak positively and warmly. If you toss in a smile every once in a while you will show her that you have a warm and open side. After you feel that you have made a connection with someone, test her interest by backing away slightly. If she quickly moves forward and takes up the space between the two of you, she is showing (on her own merit) that she is interested.

You can use objects to invade another's space. Pens, cutlery, food, and so on, can be used to demonstrate to another that you desire closeness. Intimacy can be established by exchanging an item as well since it symbolically represents the breakdown of a space barrier between two people. Objects can also be used to test interest. What is done to an exchanged item contains meaning. If a woman takes what you have given her and strokes and touches it, then she is attracted to you. If she shoves it back onto your side of the table or refuses it, then she probably isn't interested. Sometimes people leave things in others' personal space on purpose. If you know a woman who does this consistently, then you are best to get the hint. She is either really forgetful or else she wants into your personal space.

Either the man or woman can use objects to invade into the other's personal space. Scarlett is using a spoon in conversation to cross the imaginary halfway line between her and Dave. Pens, food, or any other item can be used in this way. A woman might even leave objects such as clothing at a man's apartment. In this way, she could be using it as an excuse to visit again, especially if it is done repeatedly. If Dave performed this tactic on her and her body language changed to a closed position, it would be a signal that the advance was unwelcome._

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