On Cornering

A common mistake committed by men is to block women in. It occurs when someone uses their arms and body to block someone against a wall, a bar, or even into a corner. This may be done either partially, by using part of an arm or part of the body, w

Hopefully Scarlett's actions are done in a flirtatious manner and quite likely this is so. She is making a playful face. However, Dave doesn't seem to appreciate being blocked in and up against the bar. Scarlett is playing a dominant role here which could mean she is trying to control the situation.

A woman may signal to a man her intentions by blocking him out or cornering him or else cutting him off from other people who may want to take on a dialogue with him. She may use an arm, her body or an object as a barrier to exclude the man or other people as the case may be. If she turns her back toward the man or does not remove an arm when it would be inconsiderate not to, then she is sending him a strong message of disinterest. When these sorts of things happen it is best to take the hint and attack the problem from a different angle.

Blocking occurs very frequently in social situations, such as parties. Since there are so many additional competitors in these situations, various methods will be established to either allow people into the conversation or remove them. Forming a circle with intimate friends is one way to excludes others from entering. This occurs fairly often in bars and nightclubs and presents a fairly difficult barrier to break. A couple might utilize the corner of a sofa as a barrier against intruders and cut off the open side with a back turned inwards. This sends a message to the rest of the room that the couple does not want to be disturbed. Being aware of such barriers present in and about a room can give you plenty of information about the thoughts and feelings as well as the relationship strengths present.

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