On Female Boredom

The last thing you want to do is bore a woman. When women are bored, they tend to fidget. However, they do so in a different manner than that caused by sexual interest. A woman may signal boredom by exhibiting a kicking motion with her foot when her legs are crossed. She might also yawn more, rest her head on her hand and not cock her head. The head cock is a posture that occurs when someone is interested in what is being said. You should be very careful not to bore her. If you do, she will quickly lose interest. The best thing you can do is say just enough to keep the conversation going without rambling on. Do not say too much or talk about your accomplishments too much. Other signs of boredom include looking away from you, finding other things to do, looking at a watch or clock, drumming with the fingers, tapping the toes or performing a full body slouch or sag while her face may appear blank. Of course, these cues could be due to a great variety of reasons which could include simply being exhausted.

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