Only Having Eyes For

This is a common mistake perpetuated by almost all men. While already with a woman, a man uncontrollably continues to scan the room to check out other women. While such games can be effective during an initial meeting and negotiation between two people not yet in a relationship, it does nothing to raise value in the eyes of women after such negotiations are set and a couple is formed. During a date or relationship, you will want her to think that you only have eyes for her. You want to show her that you are monogamous and will give her and only her all your resources. The last thing you need to do is give her the impression that you are interested in other women. By casting your eyes in the direction of other women it is as if you are saying that you want your body to be there too, instead of where it is now. Do not give women that impression. If you do, then you would be better off heading in the same direction where you sent your eyes. At least that will be what the woman you are with will be thinking (if not telling you).

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