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An interested woman will direct the maj ority of her signals toward a man of interest by looking toward him as she performs the actions. A woman could be displaying all the signs of interest in the world, but if eye contact is not used to signal the intended target then they are meaningless as indicators. A way of testing this is by turning away slightly and then comparing the gestures she had before to her current gestures. If she reduces the amount of signaling she does but then resumes interest-posturing when you turn back to face her, then you can be more certain that she is sending them toward you and not someone else. Be careful though; some women may send signals to everyone in the room except the person they have the most interest in. Functionally, she is trying to make the approach jealousy driven. She might also simply be attempting to get back at an ex-boyfriend or may be a naturally flirty person.

content to stay where she is. Once on the dance floor, women may begin to mirror your dance moves, which is another form of flirting. This is the same thing that occurs during mirroring and echoing. Want to tell if she is interested? Mirror her body movements while dancing. If she quickly changes to other movements, and avoids synchrony and eye contact, then she's probably not intimately interested.


Both are in the sprinter's position. They are leaning forward with hands on their thighs. This shows an eagerness to either leave to another location or join the dance floor. If it was late in the night or the conversation was escalating in intimacy, Dave could easily ask her to leave with him.

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