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Dave is making another poor approach here by ignoring body positions and levels. He has cornered Scarlett into the booth. She is showing that she is not impressed by folding her arms across her body. She is trying to act passively confrontational by avoiding eye contact. Dave should even the planes of their bodies and resume positive dialogue as Scarlett isn't receptive to his current advances.

The tables have been turned in this situation. This illustrates the importance of body positions and levels well. Scarlett is towering over Dave making him feel subordinate and intimidated. The plane her body makes encroaches near, and possibly over, the halfway mark on the table. Dave is showing that he is being aggressed upon and is pulling his drink toward himself and trying to avoid direct eye contact by moving his chin away from her. It is evident that Scarlett is putting Dave down and asserting her position over him. These are all indicators of disinterest as she is using body language to establish control over the relationship.

Dave is using body language here to his advantage. He wants to come across as non-threatening so he lowers his body height compared to hers. Using body language in this way does not necessarily mean that the man is less dominant, but it does show courtesy. Scarlett appreciates this approach and even permits him to move closer than normal with only a few inches separating her forearm and his hand. It is important to approach a woman from the front so as not to block her in or intimidate her.


Proximity as initiated by a woman is a powerful message of interest.

Here, Mark is allowing Julie to shrink the final bit of space between them. He has engaged her in conversation instead of pushing himself on her and invading her space. Mark's posture is open, welcome and dominant and Julie is taking well to it._
Intimacy Picture Body

This is welcomed touching and was initiated by Julie. She has moved into Mark's personal space and would very likely accept a kiss since she is looking at his mouth. She is also touching his tie which is a strong signal that she desires his closeness.

Lori Vallow

Julie is giving off some very strong positive signals. She is pushed right up against Mark and is leaning in toward him closing the distance even further. Proximity is almost always a form of intimacy._

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