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Whenever a woman either directly or indirectly shrinks the distance between you and her, this is a positive signal of attraction. Clearly, Scarlett is beckoning Dave to come closer. Dave should respond casually, and perhaps a bit teasingly, to her advances. He could play hard-to-get as well by resisting her forwardness. It would be counterproductive for him to be at her beck and call for the duration of the evening. Dating is a push-pull affair, so he needs to be pushing and resisting in order to induce her into continuing her pursuit.

You can check to see if a woman is interested in you by simply moving away from her. The least conspicuous way of doing this is by taking a small step backwards while standing. If she closes the space between you, this is a good sign. You can also test this at a party by leaving altogether and seeing if she tracks you down.

Interested women have a tendency to suddenly appear next to or close to you. However, a better test is to ask her to wait in the same seat for you to return. The longer she is willing to wait for you and perhaps hold your seat, the more she is interested. If as soon as you get up, she leaves or moves to talk to someone else, you can bet that she isn't all that interested and likely finds you replaceable.

If she invites you to move closer than 18 inches then she is very interested in you. The 18-inch mark has been determined as the space most people define as intimate. Five feet, in contrast, is the casual space zone. Moving into someone's intimate zone can be done in full by taking a step forward or partially by leaning in with just the upper torso while in conversation. If she makes a point of sitting next to you, she probably likes you. An interested woman will want to shrink the distance between you and her. If you notice that a woman goes out of her way to sit next to you, take this as a strong signal that she wants to get to know you better.

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