This is a very overt gesture by Scarlett. She has taken on a dominant role by initiating touching. This could be intimate or fleeting and flirty depending on duration. Intimate would normally be defined as prolonged touching except in the case where sympathy was being offered. Context plays an important part in determining the meaning of body language. If Dave had just disclosed that his grandmother recently passed away, then touching would be to ease pain, but if they were in a normal or intimate conversation, it would be deemed a demonstration of attraction. Dave, for the most part, is oblivious to this cue and more interested in his drink. Scarlett's legs are also crossed away from Dave, but this is of no relevance since touching is a much stronger cue than leg crossing.

It is probably not a random event that Scarlett is tickling Dave. She is most likely using this touching to signal her interest. By this time, either Dave has gotten the hint and isn't interested, or he has missed all the other hints and Scarlett is escalating her signals to drive the point home. Surprisingly, some men would still take this as simple playfulness, which occasionally it is. However, if you find the girl attractive then you should feel confident in accepting that she finds you attractive in return.

All touching establishes closeness and intimacy. Especially when initiated by a woman, it is a sign of sexual interest. Touching also normally indicates that someone wants something from you. In this case, it is pretty obvious that Scarlett desires attention from Dave.

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