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This gesture is performed normally by a person with a soft side. It is given by someone who is prepared to let their guard down to someone else. It can be as subtle as a small lift in the shoulders or could be a full shrug and hold of the shoulders. It normally happens very quickly though and can occur in accompaniment with an eyebrow flash as well as eye contact. This form of gesturing is often unconscious so it makes for an accurate indicator of interest. Other shrugging movements indicating interest include shoulders up, shoulders flexed, and shoulders back. Shrugging is an emotional involuntary response to someone whom you like. This gesture is universal, as is the majority of body language, and not culturally specific. Men also seem to perform this gesture when they are attracted to a woman.

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This is a shoulder shrug. It's a demonstration of meekness and shows the person of interest that she is willing to let her guard down. Shoulder shrugs represent a shift toward postures exhibited by children which is part of courtship. While this posture is exaggerated and obvious for some women it might only be a slight raise of the shoulders for others. Like all body language, it is done subconsciously and is directed toward people we like and are attracted to._

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Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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    When someone shrugs in response to how are you?
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