Showing Wrist

Wrist displays can be a strong signal of sexual interest when done by a woman. A woman might show you her wrist by pulling up a long-sleeved shirt, rotating her wrist upward, or playing with her ear or the side of her face. The wrist is another vulnerable area of the body and displays of this sort are quite similar to those of the neck. With wrist displays the palms are made more visible to the male while she is in conversation with him and occurs by rotating the wrists upward. It could be while holding a glass or while eating as well. She could be displaying her wrists by unconsciously playing with an object such as a wine glass.

The wrist is a very delicate and sensitive area of the body. Whenever it is displayed or made obvious, it is a positive signal. It is often much more subtle than in this photograph, but if you notice wrist flashes or exposure, you should note interest._

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