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Often when attracted to one another, men and woman display in a submissive manner. They will show meekness and harmlessness and the desire to form bonds with people will become more obvious. This has the effect of breaking down territorial borders that people often have and allows individuals to get closer to one another. If you are to get close to a woman, you must let down your daily guard. You must not show dominance and superiority. A man looking to get close to a woman should act more childlike and show signs of receptivity. As you read through this section, keep in mind that at times body language is confounded and confusing. That is, a woman who is holding herself in an apparently defensive manner may in fact just be cold. It can sometimes be very difficult to read others and sometimes no cues are offered at all to be read. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that people are constantly giving off useful body language; sometimes the body is saying nothing at all.

direction), touch and stroke herself, and display an overall acceleration in behavior.

Pointing is also a very strong action and this takes place in a great variety of ways. For example, eyes can point. They can point by darting toward someone we like and then away. A foot or leg could be pointed in the direction of someone of interest. Pointing is a way for women and men to draw attention to things of interest. Thus, it is important to monitor what is being emphasized by women and what they are trying to bring to your attention. They may signal to you, meaning they are pointing to you, or they may be pointing to themselves and therefore trying to draw your attention to them.

Pointing is a way for a person to outline where they would rather be. Scarlett is saying that she would rather be with Dave and is most likely speaking with a friend about him. Because Dave is not attuned to her body language and his surroundings, he is missing all the signals.

Scarlett is showing a lot of interest in this photograph. She is displaying an open posture with legs apart and is making eye contact, two signals of interest. She also is completely focused on Dave, which is obvious by the way her hand is positioned to support her head. What is most prominent in this photograph is that she is displaying a very vulnerable part of her body - her wrist. This is a very sensitive area and showing it in this way proves that she is comfortable and trusting of Dave. Dave is also playing along by mirroring Scarlett's body postures. If she is following Dave's postures, the signal of attraction through the "mating dance" would be even stronger. Dave could test Scarlett's interest by moving one part of his body to see if she would then change her posture to imitate it. This could happen immediately, or up to one minute later, and would still constitute interest.

When people are interested in one another, they tend to become more nervous. A woman will show you that she is interested in you by displaying similar types of behavior that occur when she is under pressure. She might yawn, stretch (usually in your

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