Standing To Arouse

Whenever not in motion, keep both feet flat on the ground with your arms to the side. Putting your hands in your pockets means that you are hiding something or are uncomfortable. Reduce the amount of fidgeting you do. If you are interested in a woman the best posture you can hold is to force your hips slightly forward with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width and have one foot pointing toward the woman of interest. This posture can be very effective. Avoid putting more weight on one foot than the other or leaning against something.

Don't hesitate to stand in the middle of a room or at least away from other structures like tables and bars. This shows that you are very secure with yourself and displays confidence, calmness, and

To show high status, keep your torso relatively still and only move your arms and hands to liven the dialogue. This works well when you are talking to anyone, not just a woman, especially when you want respect from them. Use your hands and arms to speak in a more deliberate way. Instead of using your hands to scratch your face, use them to emphasis a point that you are trying to make. Show people that you are in control of your mind by being in control of your body. To verify this, simply observe the body language of men who hold powerful positions.

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