When a person steeples (forming a bridge with the fingers meeting at the fingertips) they are in essence saying: "I know something you don't." If you are to be completely honest (something that women want) you should not seem as though you are holding information away from them. So, in essence, do not steeple! Steepling is a great move for bosses and poker players though. The higher you show your steeple the more confident you are about your position. Some people even steeple so high that they have to look through the steeple to see anyone else. Donald Trump is fairly famous for the steeple and does it regularly.

Dave is doing a full steeple. It is a bridge formed with the fingers meeting at the fingertips. This body language says that he knows something that no one else does. It is a dominant position and you will often see people do this in business situations. It is generally not a good signal to give off in dating. The higher the steeple, the greater the affect it has in convincing people that you are smug or a "know-it-all," even if just subconsciously. Some can even go so far as to look at people through their steeple as their elbows are propped up on a desk or table.

This is a half steeple and is more subtle than a full steeple. The sender of this message is saying that he isn't quite as smug and doesn't know quite as much as someone with a full steeple, but he still knows more than you. If you find yourself doing this, stop immediately and move onto more open and accepting body language such as palms up or neutral body language such as palms down but visible.

The Steeple Body Lenguegage

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