Taking Up Space

Avoid getting blocked out of position when speaking to someone. Often a girl or guy friend of hers or a competing male will try to usurp your target's attention by placing themselves between you and her. If this happens, try moving the target to another location if possible. If a woman allows you to be blocked out repeatedly or purposely, then she is sending you a signal of disinterest.

There are plenty of ways to avoid getting blocked out and they depend on the location you find yourself in. Arriving first to a seating area can help avoid certain pitfalls by allowing you to arrange where people will sit or it can backfire completely if it happens that the woman you are interested in is avoiding you. Arriving last can help as well since you can bring a chair in and set up close to whomever you wish. In most circumstances there will either be an inanimate object or person trying to cut you off from someone you desire. Use your creativity to avoid these blockers and cut them off before they cut you off.

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