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opposite side in order to be on the proper side of your open gestures.

Playing hard to get can sometimes put you back in the driver's seat with women. For example, you could display a carefree attitude by slouching lower in a seat, opening up your posture, and taking up more space than necessary to demonstrate dominance. This may excite certain women since you are displaying as a typical alpha male, but if you go overboard, it will turn women off.

Tease Grammar

You can also tease by showing feigned disinterest in a woman by leaning or facing away. Showing your back or talking over a shoulder also raises your status. In effect, if she is interested she will compete for your attention and try to reopen your body posture. It creates interest in her because she is forced into chasing you instead of having you chase her, which can be a novel experience for an attractive woman. By this method you are displaying in a manner that makes you dominant and in demand. You can also do this by crossing your legs away from her, showing her the back of your shoulder, and turning your head only slightly to face her while talking. It's akin to playing hard to get, but done nonverbally. You can monitor her interest by examining the strength by which she attempts to regain your attention via specific body language. If she's strongly interested she will try to force you to open up or move altogether to the

You can also offer up positive body language teasingly and sparingly to women based on earned comments and cues. For example, if a woman says something interesting you could open up and lean in, but instead of continuing with this gesture, lean back and away until she does something to entertain you once again. Therefore, you are using body language as a reward instead of falling into the trap most men do by giving women full on accepting body language even though they don't completely deserve it. If she says something you like or agree with or flirts with you, then move in a little. If she says something negative then move or turn away from her. Opposite body language is a way to show a girl that you aren't always interested in what she has to say and avoids all the pitfalls of appearing overly needy and interested.

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