The Eyebrow Flash

When we first see someone we are attracted to, we give them a quick eyebrow flash. If the person of interest is attracted to you, they will return the flash. Watch out for this. This form of interaction is one of the most common in the human species even more so than the smile. This also means that it is an extremely good signal of sexual interest. If you have never noticed this before, don't be surprised as it only lasts about a fifth of a second! It is hardly ever a conscious action, but it is universal in humans and happens all over the globe. You can test this out by delivering a prolonged eyebrow flash for up to one second and see what happens in return. If, on the other hand, a woman wishes to thwart an eyebrow flash advance she will reciprocate with a downward pull of the eyebrows in a sort of frown.

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  • marco
    What does eyebrows flash mean during flirting?
    8 months ago
  • Rossana
    Is an eyebrow flash with a smile a sign of interest?
    6 years ago