The Power Of The Smile

A lot can be said from an initial smile. Smiling is universal. It is a sign that no threat is present. Flashing the teeth in this way is a hardwired greeting between strangers. There's no need to smile excessively though and so appear needy. I would recommend only a full smile at the beginning of communication so as to avoid appearing fake. So, in the initial few seconds, show a big smile then drop the smile and resume dialogue. You can also add a smile intermittently as the situation warrants. Holding a steady and persistent smile may appear fake and anxious.

Smiles can mean a lot of things, not the least of which is happiness and fear. Yes, we do sometimes

Something that stands out nght away in this photograph is that Dave is covering his mouth and seems to be hiding something. His left hand is also pointed nearly palms up so he is trying to offer something in his speech. Far too often people in awkward situations speak with their hands up on their face, touching their face, or covering their mouth partially or completely. It gives everyone else a poor impression and makes one look out of place.

Men smile far too little. Many walk through life with a begrudged look on their faces, angry at the world, which is especially true at a bar or nightclub. Too often we see all the stone faced alpha males seemingly looking for fights at worst, or at best as if they are trying to protect their "women" from being taken by other subordinate males. Laughing, smiling, and having a good time is generally a turn on for women. Don't be afraid to hold a big smile and show it off. Use positive thoughts and allow them to be expressed through your body language.

Try smiling at random women as you go through life and see which women respond favorably. While nothing may result immediately from such an event, future encounters with the same women, may lead to something more productive. Smiling happens rarely for the most part while walking around because it usually occurs in association with something positive in our lives. A trick to smiling more often is to think of an enjoyable thought and keep it on your mind as you walk around. Smiling is a good indicator to others that you have a pleasant disposition and that good things happen to you. These are desirable traits in a mate and women will be drawn to those who smile.

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