The Room Encompassing Glance

A woman might look across the room in an encompassing glance. She will do so simply to assess the situation. She does this by casting her eyes around the room for 5 to 10 seconds. If she spots someone she is interested in (hopefully you) she will take a second look. This second glance is directed toward a specific man. It will be short and she will rotate her head 25 to 40 degrees to the side then look away (usually downward) within about 3 seconds. Women usually continue this behavior until they meet their target's eyes. At this point, the target and the woman will hold a mutual gaze lasting about 3 seconds.

Couple Body Language
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1. ^ Available women will commonly do what is called the tap. It is performed by crossing the arms and then using the index finger to tap the forearm. A woman will usually do this as she scans the room and spots someone of interest. She may perform this in accompaniment with the room-encompassing glance. If she does this while looking at you, it can be understood as a desire for you to approach her and that such an approach would be welcomed. The tap is like an abbreviated finger motion (as in, "come here")._

could be unconsciously exaggerated by saliva or lipstick. Conversely, women also signal to men when they are not available, as we saw previously.

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