At least 30 percent of what people take away from what is said is directly related to the tone with which it is delivered. Shouting or using abrasive language can make even the most thoughtful compliment come across as negative. Just look at what happens when people use sarcasm. The sound of the voice is very important in seduction. We all make assumptions based on the speed, breathiness, and muscularity of the voice including how sexy it comes across.

Speaking in a soft voice can mean that one is self-conscious or nervous, but on the other hand, a loud voice can come across as overcompensation. Using the right volume based on the setting is very important in giving women the right signals. This is where projection comes in handy. Projecting is the action of making your voice carry to your listeners no matter what the situation. A well projected voice will communicate strength and confidence and is particularly useful in loud settings such as bars and nightclubs. Also, don't be afraid of pauses in the dialogue where applicable. There's no need to continuously fill the air with unnecessary words or permeate conversation breaks with fillers such as "umms" and "ahhs." Allow the woman you are conversing with to add her own dialogue. If she is an unwilling participant in the conversation, then so be it. If you've given her plenty to talk about and shown her interest, but she still doesn't reciprocate, then perhaps she really is boring and not worthy of your time. Other pitfalls to avoid are speaking or laughing nervously and long bouts of monotone conversation. Most men normally speak in just one tone, but you shouldn't be afraid to shift your tone up and down to show excitement and hence that you are exciting. Women use inflection and change their pitch to show excitement in their speech far more frequently than men. It's not a bad thing to add a bit of dynamics to your dialogue.

smile when we are scared or even stressed, sometimes even when we are caught in a lie. However, smiles also show confidence, optimism, and hopefulness. They send out a glow and can be incredibly infectious. But how do we tell if a smile is genuine? Let's first begin with an insincere smile because it is easier to visualize. Most often the dead giveaway for such a smile is its asymmetry. The smile is one-sided, is frequently exaggerated, and held fixed in position for longer than normal. The lower lip will move less than the upper, as if it is frozen in place, and most importantly, the eyes will not correspond with what the mouth is doing. An honest smile is a full smile and it involves more than just the mouth. The eyes smile too, causing the skin around them to wrinkle in the corners. The next time a woman smiles be sure to check for a full, even smile to verify her true feelings. Pay particular attention to her jaw which should be unclenched and her eyes which should act in unison with her mouth to form the smile.

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