Touching And Language With Coaches

An interested woman will make a point to get closer to you. She may even get so close as to "accidentally" touch you. What she is trying to do is give you the idea that she is interested. Touching is often infrequent and almost always indicates interest especially when done by women. Accidental touching can be one of the most basic and risk-free signs a woman can give. People have their pride at stake and want to risk as little as possible when it comes to vulnerable situations such as dating.

There are a variety of ways that women can initiate touching. She might tap your forearm, hold your hand, touch your knee, or force your hand onto her thigh or lap. She might also touch foot to foot or touch you by forcing her breasts up against you, all of which occur "accidentally" (of course). All have the same effect. They signal interest in you.

Whenever someone touches you (not just as it relates to dating) it usually means that they want something from you. It could be anything from friendship, partnership, money, or as it pertains to a man and a woman, a sexual relationship.

Touching is always a good signal. You can probably imagine that Julie's next motion will be to move her head up and shift her eyes toward Mark.

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