Dave is slightly leaning forward in this photograph which shows interest, but could also show neediness if done excessively. If he was any more forward he'd be at her whim and this would be defined as pecking, just as a bird succumbs to his dinner by pecking forward. His hands on his lap show his willingness to get up and go wherever she pleases. This is akin to the sprinters' position. Scarlett, on the other hand, is showing signs of interest with strong eye contact and a slight smile. Most prominently, she has her legs crossed toward Dave which is another sign of interest. It is always important to take leg crossing in association with other gestures as often people have a leg cross preference. Scarlett is also showing some defensive postures as her arms are crossed. This is a way for her to protect herself from intrusion because figuratively it's a way to protect the vital area of the body - the heart and lungs - from attack.

Rubbing the hands is a universal symbol for expecting to receive something. It's figuratively similar to cleaning one's hands. It might also be a response to an increase in sweat production making the hands more itchy, which could be due to her sexual interest in Dave. Rubbing the hands can be taken as a signal of interest.

When aroused, all the senses become heightened. Arousal also causes excitement which may cause a woman to fidget and repetitively stroke objects. If this is done with flirty dialogue and eye contact, then it can be taken as a sign of interest and attraction.

Dave seems a little awkward in this situation and this is made obvious by putting one hand in his pocket. This could be because Scarlett is showing interest demonstrated by her right foot. She has extended her foot into Dave's personal space. This is a subtle way for Scarlett to move a part of her body into Dave's space without actually having to overtly move her body forward. It is also a way of pointing to where she would rather be. There is some incomplete mirroring where her left hand and his right hand are up on the bar and fairly close in proximity. Scarlett could also add to the positive body language with some subtle and "accidental" touching._

Scarlett is showing positive interest here. She has all of her hair in her hands and has placed it on top of her head. What makes this more powerful is that she is continuing her eye contact with Dave throughout. To further her interest, she might turn her head at a 45 degree angle or else look at him over a raised shoulder with her body facing slightly away from him.

Full mirroring is occurring here which is signaling interest. Mark has his left arm up on the bar and Julie has her right arm up. The same body position is duplicated in each, except in its opposite. This means there is a connection between the two of them. If either Mark or Julie were disinterest then their would modify their position so as to become different._

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