Here Dave is in a losing battle with himself. He is relinquishing all the power to Scarlett. She is somewhat disinterested and moving backwards and away, which is forcing Dave to move forward to continue the conversation. While her legs are open, she is using her right hand to force her skirt down and would likely cross her legs if she was able to, but since Dave is so close, she can't. She is also using her left arm to block him out, is leaning away from the bar, and is most likely trying her best to make a tactful exit from the situation.

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Scarlett is not necessarily showing disinterest here, but she is showing a defensive and protective posture. Having her hands together over her genitals represents the proverbial fig leaf. It is important to keep in mind that body language is rooted in the human psychology. Our instincts precede clothing which now serve as protection against unwanted eye assaults.

While Scarlett's posture might seem neutral, in fact, it is not. Her legs are crossed at the ankle and her right arm is crossed against her body. These are both defensive gestures and show that she is not relaxed and is being protective of herself. Having her legs crossed, in essence, is a way for her to hide her private area, in this case, from obvious display in the presence of Dave.

Scarlett is clearly showing signs of disinterest and is upset with Dave. Dave is reaching out possibly to console her. Looking away, as well as closed body postures indicates disinterest or perhaps boredom. Additional signs of disinterest, if present, could also include crossing her legs at the ankle.

This approach is not welcome. Julie is avoiding Mark's advances. He should have waited for her to signal some moderate interest before moving in. She is looking as far away from him as possible, her legs are pressed tightly together, and her right arm is protecting her torso. Mark has used his left hand to test Julie's receptivity by moving into her space and she hasn't responded. While it may seem that she is unaware that he has done this, she is, but is simply not interested.

Julie is avoiding putting her interest back on Mark by keeping the majority of her body facing someone to the left of the photograph. Mark has said something amusing but it has only resulted in having Julie move her head towards him and not the remainder of her body. Someone is competing against Mark for Julie's attention and is winning. Mark also seems to have succumbed to this mysterious third person as his body indicates that his interest is also directed that way.

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