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Likeability Blueprint is a product that uses alternatives and personal development to help in getting the success and all the necessary things you have been trying to achieve great things in life. Using several products, it teaches you how to use your presence to get power and profit. This is a step-by-step system anybody can use to overcome their nervousness, insecurities or quietness around people. The practical and concrete directions in this program tell you exactly what to do and when. This is what makes this program so much different in a sea of books that talk too much about what shyness or social anxiety is but talk too little about how to actually overcome it. With this product, you can learn how to overcome your quietness, erase your insecurities and be confident around people using proven psychology. Its several products are specifically designed for people who are shy, quiet, awkward, nervous and withdrawn in conversations. It will show you advanced techniques to become more confident, social and talkative in everyday social situations. It explores the various reasons people need presence and power, indicating that almost everyone would love to be validated, special, loved, famous, and happy. Read more here...

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Celebrity charismatic types

A perfect example of chief-executive-style charismatic leadership signals Clinton is at his charismatic best Since she's taken her own place in the political arena, Hillary has abandoned the submissive female posturing and adopted military signals of charismatic leadership instead She rarely carries a bag, but rather stands upright with her arms down by her sides . When she speaks it's usually just her head moving . This gives the impression of confidence and emotional strength . Unlike her husband's signals, these work best to large groups Her charismatic signals came from a blend of a naturally regal bearing combined with the use of postural echo or body language mirroring, plus the constant employment of tie-signs . This made her seem regal, special, and accessible, which is a potent blend Her posture was always impeccable, but she flexed her body language communication style to create empathy with anyone she spoke to Plus she would dip her head but raise her eyes and use a small...

Charisma for beginners

It's so easy to be charismatic at work that I always wonder why more people don't try it For a start there's so little competition or comparison that you'll probably have a clear run at it . Sometimes even smiling or using eye contact will make you stand out from the herd By upping your charisma by as little as 5 percent you'll probably be streets ahead . Read this, then, and you'll clean up . By the way, I'm not suggesting for one minute that you shouldn't be good at your job . All these charismatic techniques are intended to sit on top of your talent like advertising and marketing sits on top of a good product It's just that I meet a lot of people in the workplace who have loads of talent but never achieve recognition, plus a lot of people who are struggling, conscientious, and hardworking who also never really obtain greatness The point is you need to market yourself

Charisma and Seduction

Charisma is seduction on a mass level. Charismatics make crowds of people fall in love with them, then lead them along. The process of making them fall in love is simple and follows a path similar to that of a one-on-one seduction. Charismatics have certain qualities that are powerfully attractive and that make them stand out. This could be their self-belief, their boldness, their serenity. They keep the source of these qualities mysterious. They do not explain where their confidence or contentment comes from, but it can be felt by everyone it radiates outward, without the appearance of conscious effort. The face of the Charismatic is usually animated, full of energy, desire, alertness the look of a lover, one that is instantly appealing, even vaguely sexual. We happily follow Charismatics because we like to be led, particularly by people who promise adventure or prosperity. We lose ourselves in their cause, become emotionally attached to them, feel more alive by believing in them we...

The I Charismatic

Charisma is a presence that excites us. 1t comes from ae ieeer quality self-coefi-deece, sexual energy, sense ofpurpose, coeteet-ment that most people lack and want. This quality radiates outward, permeating the gestures of Charismatics, making them seem extraordinary and superior, and making us imagine there is more to them than meets the eye they are gods, saints, stars. Charismatics can learn to heighten their charisma with a piercing gaze, fiery oratory, an air of mystery. They can seduce on a grand scale. Learn to create the charismatic illusion by radiating intensity while remaie-ing detached.


What makes someone likeable at interview stage Likeability is random, but there are some patterns that you can use for your benefit 1. We tend to like people who are like us . Therefore, your mirroring techniques will be vital. Be alert throughout the interview, too The interviewers' body language or communication might change They could relax or become more friendly and chatty . These are called cues . You should take them as an invitation to follow suit, although follow is the operative word . Never take the lead, as it's not

What is charisma

Like stress and good sex we all know what we mean by charisma and yet it's hard to define it If I asked you to make a list of charismatic people you'd probably start with Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton and then stall . So what is charisma and how can you get it I don't normally like plundering dictionaries when I run courses or write books, as they often don't take account of word perception by which I mean the generally understood meaning of words and perception is what I'm all about . However, it's useful to know what we should mean when we refer to charisma an extraordinary power in The good news is that charisma doesn't have to be part of your DNA . You can't buy it in a shop, but you sure can learn it and develop the techniques The other good thing is that they're quite simple and easy to put into practice What's the bad news There isn't any, really, it's all good .

Joan Of Arc Charisma

Charismatic Types Historical Examples strange, unworldly, even supernatural powers will create charisma. The psy- u e+u- u a charisma. People are more complicated than the masks they wear in society. The man who seems so noble and gentle is probably disguising a dark side, which will often come out in strange ways if his nobility and refinement are in fact a put-on, sooner or later the truth will out, and his hypocrisy will disappoint and alienate. On the other hand, we are drawn to people who seem more comfortably human, who do not bother to disguise their contradictions. This was the source of Rasputin's charisma. A man so authentically himself, so devoid of self-consciousness or hypocrisy, was immensely appealing. His wickedness and saintliness were so extreme that it made him seem larger than life. The result was a charismatic aura that was immediate and preverbal it radiated from his eyes, and from the touch of his hands. Most of us are a mix of the devil and the saint, the noble...

Robert Greene

Seduction is the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power. It's as evident in John F. Kennedy's hold over the masses as it is in Cleopatra's hold over Antony. Now, the author of the bestselling The 48 Laws of Pozver has written a handbook synthesizing the classic literature of seduction from Freud to Kierkegaard and Ovid to Casanova, with cunning strategies illustrated by the successes and failures of characters throughout history. And once again Robert Greene identifies the rules of a timeless, amoral game and explores how to cast a spell, break down resistance, and, ultimately, compel a target to surrender. The Art of Seduction takes us through the characters and qualities of the ten archetypal figures of seduction (including the Siren, the Ideal Lover, the Dandy, the Natural, the Charismatic, and the Star) and the twenty-four maneuvers by which anyone can overcome a victim's futile resistance to the practice of this devastating and timeless art form.

The Alpha Misconception

So this raises a good question that you need to ask yourself. Aside from projecting a certain attitude or look, what makes you so damn special that you command respect and admiration Here's a hint Nobody, not other people, not yourself and certainly not wolves, will respect you for your words, appearances or attitudes. It is what you DO that counts ACTIONS define who you are, how you see yourself and how others relate to you. So what actions will build confidence Befriending everyone you meet and developing your social instincts is a great place to start. But what actions will make you SHINE with authentic confidence The answer to that is the most infamous questions of all time

Who to flirt with Flirting for fun

Clearly, it makes sense to exercise a degree of caution with people who are married or attached. Most people in long-term relationships can cope with a bit of admiration, and may even benefit from knowing that others find them or their partners attractive, but couples differ in their tolerance of flirtatious behaviour, and it is important to be alert to signs of discomfort or distress.

Step three how to work through body language change

Nevertheless, tweaking your own body language to create improvement is so absolutely necessary that you're going to have to move through the pain barrier and launch yourself on a voyage of self-discovery Why the pain Because very few people are naturally gifted body language performers A lot of people have the body language charisma rating of a sea urchin When you start to become observant of your own behavior you will find it's like looking at party photos embarrassing and depressing You'll fail to recognize yourself or identify with your gestures, facial expressions, and nervous tics and twitches You'll wonder aloud why no friend has told you about this before . You'll stop laughing at Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mr . Bean and start to feel empathy instead

O lets talk about you

They have confidence in everything about them. How they walk, hold their head, their smile, eye contact, how they enter a room, they look relaxed in any given situation. That confidence gives them presence and charisma and this is a massively attractive attribute. What they have learnt is no matter how they are feeling inside, they have created the positive resources which enable them to act a certain way, to project an attractive image. And where is image more important than in their industry

Business power signals

Most offices have two clear leaders the man or woman with the job title that includes the word manager and the person everyone knows is really in charge Being a manager is not the same as being a leader I've met some good managers in business but very few good leaders Leadership is all about being rather than doing, and a key quality of what makes a good leader is charisma . There are charismatic figures in most large colonies You'll remember them at school and you'll have seen them in the workplace They're very rarely the boss Sometimes their job will be borderline mundane, but they'll be the ones with the natural status in your workplace group

Your social performance face

Sadly, once you've been through the initial stages of attraction, love and lust, your face is likely to return to its natural expression when you're with your partner In many ways this relaxation of the features can be a relief, because you're in that comfortable zone with them known as being yourself Trust and comfort allows us to drop the social mask and display our true face to our partner Unfortunately, that true face is rarely the most attractive option . Just as the Look of Love is nature's own Viagra, so this true face might well be nature's own birth control as it tends to look dour, tired, and ugly Unconditional love is a state we all strive for in our lives, having seen it with our parents and hoped for it with our partners, but it is a rare and unrealistic goal in a relationship that's also founded on sexual attraction. With men and women spending more hours in the workplace than they do at home, what happens when the person at home wears their world-weary face while at...

Be Part I Beliefs

Upholding my own importance is a waste of energy. People expend most of their energy to prove to others that they are important, cool and therefore worthy of love and admiration. Since this feeding of the ego rarely enhances any kind of real connection or love, the energy is wholly wasted. Relinquishing the need to uphold your own importance frees up an enormous amount of energy towards useful action, harnessing your personal power and catching a glimpse of the true majesty of the universe. All that freed-up energy can now serve you to observe and act more effectively.

This is the most effective sexual attractor

2) Referent This is power created by association, or reference, such as the pleasure gained from affiliation with a person. Someone who has strong charisma and charm falls under this category. If you were, say, Harrison Ford's auto mechanic, it isn't hard to get people to come to you to have their cars worked on, even though there really is no legitimate authority there. People will flock to you just because of your affiliations. Of all the forms of power that will work for you, expert and referent will help you the most in dealing with women. When you are granted legitimate power - such as a managerial position at work, you should always seek to back it up with the expert and referent power, since people most often resent the person who is given a place of authority if they feel it wasn't deserved by their charisma or abilities. Getting this expert or referent power will take longer and it will be harder, but ultimately you will be a better person, and others will follow you with...

YASS Recognize the Chick Players

Ever since she was little, she's been told what a beautiful girl she is. She harvested attention from everyone in her world, and her esteem was built by all this admiration of her looks. She learned very early how easy boys were to manipulate and get to do her bidding. They'd do whatever she said just for the opportunity to be with her. When she was a teenager, she'd prick-tease them, letting them think they might get a piece of her pie at some point, but she always managed to get away without delivering. Usually, after she'd used you, and as she's leaving you or going off to her boyfriend, she'd say, Oh You are so sweet

Rule 1 Stick To Simple Tricks

Perform these three most basic traits of the charismatic personality How many of your colleagues drift into the office or into meeting rooms looking like zombies and spend the first few precious first-impression minutes moaning about how tired they are How many of them are diffident or ignorant about the basic techniques of shaking someone's hand How many of them dogface or do screensaver facial expressions when they meet clients as well as other colleagues Well, you're not going to be one of them

Rule 2 project And AbsoRb In EquAL MEASuRE

Learn how to network The charismatic profile means wearing an appearance of inner balance and harmony that will count as confidence, but make sure it never looks like self-absorption You will need to appear comfortable in your own skin rather than in love with yourself. Vanity and smugness aren't marketable qualities, but looking as though you know what you're doing is Beware looking like you are your own prime concern, though. Charismatic people absorb paying attention to other people, noticing other people, and listening to other people This isn't just ear listening, either It barely matters that you're hanging on their every word if you look distracted or bored. Here's a quick test to see how good or bad your projecting and absorption skills are Projection is vital for your workplace charisma, and being and acting invisible just shouldn't be an option But you do need to go one step further . As well as drawing yourself out, make sure you learn to draw others out, too Charismatic...

Rule 4 Put In A Good Performance

Recognize the fact that you're performing, just as an actor performs on stage . If you're in denial ( It's just a quick chat small presentation, I didn't really know what I was talking about, Someone asked me to do it, and so on) you really do need to grow up quickly because that is unprofessional thinking and behavior, and won't help with your charisma rating

If youre interviewing someone never use the old trick of sitting at the corner of the table to avoid getting a barrier

There are some seats that will never allow you to look charismatic and others that will make even the biggest geek look powerful and confident I've watched countless politicians fall at the junior school hurdle when they've accepted a kiddie seat to get closer to the pupils for a photo-opportunity and only realized their mistake when it was too late It can happen with adult chairs, too Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a big man and his team need to get more chair demanding. During a recent evening TV interview his chair was so small he looked as though he was squatting on a bean-bag I know you can't always pick your chairs at work, but when you have options or even clout, why settle for the kid's chair when you can have one that makes you look graceful and confident I Avoid chairs without arms . To look charismatic you'll

Never take food or drink home with you I Dont be too quick with the business cards It looks cheesy

And desperate I Mirror the person you're talking to. Slightly and subtly copy their pose and energy . Aim for something unisex I watched a man networking with a group of women at an event and he stood with his legs splayed, rocking on his heels and fiddling with change in his pocket The effect was more like some god-awful mating ritual than an attempt at business networking I I once watched Bill Clinton do the shoulder-grab to great effect He was talking to former Russian President Vladimir Putin and wanted to bring in former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. So Clinton placed a firm but friendly hand on Putin's shoulder and steered him across to Blair, then kept his hand on Putin's shoulder throughout the introductions and opening conversation It was high status, yes, and I'd balk about recommending you try it But it was such a brave, sturdy, and in-control piece of networking that I was breathless with admiration He'd taken Putin across but not dumped him when he got there

Youll look sickeningly cute I Keep appropriate space between you and your customer

When you go to a posh hotel or a large, ritzy company, you have to line up at them in exactly the same way that you have to line up at the post office One major company has just introduced the idea of hosting a lobby rather than having the reception desk setup, and I'm breathless in admiration Walking to approach a visitor is miles better than making them line up at a desk

True Confidence and a Strong Belief System

These are the 5 main attributes that will ensure you success in the dating game. If you are a confident person with a strong reality who is able to project positive emotions, you will also be charismatic. If you are a charismatic person who has internalized these attributes, you will be the one who is impacting his environment and attracting women.

Article 4 The best of Flowers started by yortex23

Right 1 know this may sound a bit desperate or something but there is this girl 1 really like and 1 only met her once due to work, there is no way 1 can meet her again for work purposes, but she is really hot and 1 really like her and we had a good click when we talked. 1 also got to know she is single. 1 thought of sending her some flowers, carnations for admiration. My problem is what message should 1 write in it

Stop Trying To Buy Attention From Women

Sending nice email after nice email, and getting totally stood up and or blown off. So I took the cf to the extreme. I know you're scared of meeting such an intelligent charismatic rockstar like myself, because you'll fall so hopelessly in love you couldn't take the rejection, fall into habitual drinking, and eventually kill yourself but really its okay I'll treat you like an ass and you'll hate me, and life will go on Totally worked, the next week she met me, and we hit it off really well, I kept up the cf routine and we've been having a blast together.

Goodcommunication skills Listening as well as talking

17)Charisma This one quality has so many different meanings that few would agree on a common definition. My personal definition of charisma is The qualities of character that make a person attractive to other people. It is not a superficial quality, or anything to do with looks, really. It's about your ability to draw people in purely through the referent and expert powers of your personality, along with your general attitude for life. You have to be a little inspirational, mixed with confidence, mixed with happy and humorous. You could say that charisma is the part of you that people want to be around. Charisma is rarely pursued directly, but it can be achieved through the cultivation of the other qualities of leadership, along with constant work on the virtuous character traits.

My Sad and Pathetic Story How Women Piss on Low Status

Different levels of male status produce different types of distinctive behaviors and attitudes that are commonly recognized i.e., the high status male will typically display confidence, strength of character, generosity, likability, charisma and so forth. Meanwhile, the low status male is typically very angry due to being stepped on all his life and ordered around everywhere he goes. He will lack confidence, avoid eye contact, seem either desperate and needy (or aloof and bitter), can be controlling and obnoxious, and will have generally developed some kind of an annoying personality. The important thing to realize is that all these attitudes are formed in response to a lifetime of conditioning (either positive or negative) by the actions of other men, not women. In some ways men really have a much easier time of it -- for while women must struggle mightily to put on a physically attractive appearance in order to appeal to men (sometimes in the face of overwhelming genetic...

Gazing Instead Of Staring

May increase this to every two to three seconds as interest develops. Gazing is another special talent perfected by women and not easily accomplished by men. A gaze is a non-intrusive gander toward the opposite sex whereas a stare is a full on assault. Gazing requires a projection of emotion onto the subject at whom the gaze is directed. A man who can master the gaze will be able to bring women closer to him without using words at all. A gaze is a sort of admiration of the person receiving it.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Defined

Here's where the really good news comes in. While you can (and should) continue to work to keep your physical body in healthy condition, you can have an even greater effect by working on your attitude. Tell yourself what a mouth-watering morsel you are, and imagine every head in the room turning to admire you as you enter. Like Julia in Chapter 3, you can imagine your every move to be a sensuous dance. Imagine your mouth uttering some profoundly seductive promise to the ear of every man in the room. Imagine your eyes saying, Perhaps to every gaze you meet.

Overview of Persuasion and Rapport Techniques

Non-Verbal Communication - This section enables you to decode the hidden meanings of individual gestures, vocal tones, and facial expressions. Furthermore, it stresses how you can use this hidden skill to maximize your people skills in order to come out a winner in any situation. Instant Impact - Master the skill of reading body language clusters to understand exactly what is going on in your prospect's mind -without being a mind reader. You will also realize how to send out subtle, subconsciously perceived signals that can give you a very favorable image. With these skills, you can become a charismatic charmer

Overview of Persuasion and Techniques

Defusing the Emotion Bomb - Resentment, ill-will and negativity prevent communication. Master the skill of defusing emotions. Present a convincing case despite tremendous resistance. Attract love win admiration with a few simple techniques. Learn handy formula words and phrases that bring cooperation and rapport. Learn the single most important technique in this book that will attract others to you. You can rally disciples to your cause in any situation.

Article 1 The Mother of all Theory Posts by Vatican

SOCIAL PROOF Jealousy and Admiration STORIES PATTERNS Comfort, Passion and Admiration NEG- HITS Hate, Admiration, and Wonder SPARE COMPLIMENTS Liking, Curiosity, and Longing COCKY FUNNY Mirth, Challenge, and Curiosity MYSTERY AMBIGUITY Challenge and Curiosity SCARCITY Longing and Possessiveness TEASING Anger, Exhilaration, and Longing 1) Is what I'm doing making her feel strong emotions like admiration, wonder, or anger towards me And if not, figure out what you can do to get her feeling those emotions.

Tip 5 Deal with the fact that seduction must always be a form of benevolent manipulation in order for it to work

Moreover, your brand of courage will be classy because it's based on a personal style of charisma that makes people feel good about themselves. I once read in a magazine somewhere that if you can be flattering, funny and fearless most any woman can be yours, (and this article was written by a woman). Two out of these three are possible simply by making a commitment to being upbeat in your approach towards women, and by taking a relaxed, lighthearted approach to things the third one is easily in reach as well. It's as easy as having the right tone of voice, remembering to stay on message, and keeping in mind the goal of having her associate good feelings with being around you. You're the honey, and she's the bee. You're too cool to try, you attract.

Your pole position

Please don't confuse charm with smarm. Charm is a genuine component of charisma Smarm is something else, though . Smarm means using overcongruent body language, falling over yourself to impress or be liked We'll find out more about charm in later chapters, but for the moment just keep the thought in your head that smarm is illegal, at least according to The Body Language Rules .

Explore The Unknown

YIN - Being alpha is fun as hell, but is also a big responsibility. You are not only looking to improve your own life, but the lives of everyone you encounter. Inspire others. Make them feel special in your presence. Listen to them with your complete attention and help them any way you can. One thing you should keep in mind is that alphas don't dominate conversations by speaking over other people and in fact are great listeners. In a group dynamic, they are simply such passionate and fascinating individuals full of stories and ideas, that people will naturally clam up and listen to them. Be funny and entertaining. Leave everyone feeling ten times better than they did before meeting you. This has a twofold effect. Not only does it feel good to share the joy you have created in your life, but you instill a sense of loyalty and admiration that enhances your social proof and authority. A great leader shares his her greatness.


On the positive side, studies have shown that people who use humour in social encounters are perceived as more likeable, and that both trust and attraction increase when a light-hearted approach is used. Judicious use of humour can reduce anxiety and establish a relaxed mood which helps a relationship to develop more rapidly. A slightly risqu joke can help to escalate the level of intimacy in a flirtatious conversation.

Advanced Maneuvers

15) Give Her a Sincere, Personal Compliment using her Name (but only one time). You perform a little bit of social magic merely by honoring her experience of life. Talk with her and get a feel for what her passion is. Then craft a sincere compliment that is unique to her, and deliver it in a way that is cleverly intriguing. The trick is to make it seem as though you were just struck by the notion to tell her this something about her that you find so utterly fascinating. Remember, you radiate charisma by making a person feel better about themselves after having encountered you, as opposed to feeling worse.

Find Your Power

I urge you to study the great leaders in history and find out what made them so effective. Great men such as Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Che Gueverra, Ghandi, and so many others had many effective habits and behaviors of their own that brought them to positions of power and positive influence. Even tyrants such as Stalin and Hitler used many of their charismatic traits to rise to power and influence.

Entrances matter

To do that adjust to your Power Pose, pulling yourself up and ironing out your facial expression Apply a relaxed-looking smile This shouldn't include teeth baring, though Overly smiling can look aggressive if it's a stretched social smile, but smiling too much, even if there's an appropriate amount of teeth on display, can easily look low status and submissive Breathe out and walk into the office or room as though keen to meet the people in there You should always arrive in an aura of energy . Not panic or stress, just positive energy, so walk at a pace to imply enthusiasm Pause when you get inside the room and take everyone in with a sweep of your eyes . Greet anyone you walk past, even if they don't reply If you can learn their names for the greeting, use those, too . Don't talk on your out-breath as it will sound like a sigh Never moan about the weather or anything Never look as though you think you might be in the wrong room At a formal meeting greet people with enthusiasm,...


Charismatic people are always classy networkers If the thought of working a room, walking the job, or pressing the flesh fills you with terror, then don't worry you're in good company I Be careful what you eat. In fact, only eat if you're hosting and your guest is eating Eat to keep them company, not because you're hungry It's almost impossible to eat party food and look charismatic at the same time . I don't think I've ever seen a charismatic person eating when working a room . If you must eat, avoid danger foods like pastry, chicken legs, sandwiches with tomato or funny lettuce in them, salad (unless it's finely chopped), and anything runny . Don't forget the difficulties of holding a glass and a plate Your call I suggest you eat before you go . I Never line up for the buffet . I Never fill your plate or pile it high.

Easy in the Big Easy

From his discreet distance, Ralph observed this with mixed emotions anxiety for Stacy's safety, admiration for the way she attracted the men and then politely turned them away, and pride that this striking woman, hungered after by so many other men, was his. As he watched, he realized he had never wanted her so much. And when she finally stopped and leaned against the street light, attracting a small crowd of eager men, Ralph was seized with an overwhelming desire to claim his woman.

Eye contact

By looking away from someone you will appear shy or submissive, but remember what I said about pinning your objectives up before you start to make changes Is shyness such a bad thing Think of some people you know who use or used shy body language signals . Four key characters spring to mind former Prime Minister Tony Blair, British politician David Cameron, Princess Diana, and Diana's son Prince William All of these people manage or managed to keep on the attractive side of shyness This means they are able to display terrific confidence in many of their performances, yet still keep a high likeability rating because of their use of a dipped head, dipped eyes, and bashful-looking smiles at some strong, controlling characters, you're not talking lead contenders in a likeability contest

Inner Game

An observation I've made is that charisma does not exist. People do not know how to describe something that is intangible, so they say this person has charisma , or this guy is a charismatic personality . If you take the time to observe charismatic people, you see that they actually have one big quality in common. They have a frame (or point of view) so strong that people are sucked into their reality. Everything they do reflects an ultra-strong frame that exists inside their individual reality. They tend to have a lot of rules that you must follow when you are around them. They treat themselves with integrity and they absolutely will not tolerate disrespect in fact they punish it. Now, let's get back to charismatic people. The more rules charismatic people have, and the more they punish those who break their rules, the more charismatic they appear. Positive examples are Christ, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King. A negative example would be Hitler. Being assertive does not...

Faking Body Language

The human mind seems to possess a fail-safe mechanism that registers 'tilt' when it receives a series of incongruent non-verbal messages. There are, however, some cases in which body language is deliberately faked to gain certain advantages. Take, for example, the Miss World or Miss Universe contest, in which each contestant uses studiously learned body movements to give the impression of warmth and sincerity. To the extent that each contestant can convey these signals, she will score points from the judges, but even the experts can only fake body language for a short period of time and eventually the body will emit signals that are independent of conscious actions. Many politicians are experts in faking body language in order to get the voters to believe what they are saying and the politician who can successfully do this is said to have 'charisma'.

Romance is a Trance

Falling in love is something that we do to ourselves in the privacy of our own thoughts when we're alone. During the interlude between your next encounter with her, she should be daydreaming about you and gradually convincing herself that you're a great guy with lots of relationship potential. Maybe she'll even go off the deep end and completely fall for you Make sure that you re-enforce these fantasy images when you're together on subsequent dates by continuing to be charismatic and charming. (In

Classy Courage

ne of the best ways to elicit a positive response from any woman is to have a presentation about yourself that appears charismatic. Your prospects for acceptance go way up (and, conversely, your chances of rejection go way down) if you can aspire to come across with charisma and a stylish flair. What is charisma Webster's defines it as a. the power or quality of winning the devotion of large numbers of people b. Great personal magnetism charm. Now, for our purposes we won't consider the religious co-definitions or that fact that you're probably not interested in taking over a country and ruling it with an iron fist a la Adolph Hitler (then again, maybe you are ). In any case, we only care about how to use the concept of charisma on a personal basis, one-to-one with some hot little fox that we're trying to impress. Incidentally, charm or finesse or even style might be a good way to think of it too, but these terms are equally vague. What I mean by charisma is this it's the ability to...


Charisma Originally a theological term meaning free gift of God's grace. It is derived from the Greek kharisma, meaning to show favor or grace. Though the word still has religious meanings, it is most commonly used these days to describe a person's power to inspire devotion and enthusiasm.