How To Create Sexual Chemistry

Sexual chemistry is a mutual sexual attraction between two people. It is every man's desire to have a mutual lustful connection with a beautiful woman. The important word here is mutual. If the attraction is one-sided then there is no chemistry - simple as that. This is why you must learn how to create sexual chemistry with a woman and make her feel attracted to you.

Once you are interacting with a woman it is important to focus on creating chemistry between you to ensure that you will get positive reactions from this woman. Despite common belief that you have no control over how much a woman is attracted to you, this isn't the case at all. In fact, you can learn to generate sexual chemistry with a woman you desire. You will soon see how you can manipulate yourself to create certain feelings in her and how to use those feelings to generate sexual chemistry. This chapter will show you how to recognize, create and use sexual chemistry with any woman you meet.

Read and study this chapter carefully and you will learn how to generate sexual chemistry just as you would learn to play golf - with a good foundation, and enough practice, you'll be hitting a hole-in-one every time!

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