How To Seduce Women

Once you find a woman you'd like to approach, you must know how to make initial contact with her. Once you achieve recognition, you have to be able to read her signals - do you continue your approach? Or do you take the red flag and get out of the game? This chapter is devoted to helping you learn the best strategy for approaching a woman. I will define the entire process, from initial contact and flirting, through conversation, touching, and to the bedroom. This chapter will lay the foundation for the more detailed discussions in the following chapters about specific flirting techniques (Chapter 7), how to initiate a conversation with a woman (Chapter 9), and what to say to a woman (Chapters 8, 9 & 10).

The seduction process can be broken down into three main stages. Each of these progressions - Recognition and Flirting, Conversation, and Chemistry - will be described for you in this chapter. As you read about each step, keep in mind that you must lead the woman through the seduction process. She ultimately gives the approval, but you maintain control. Understanding these methods will allow you to easily incorporate your existing knowledge and skills into the more advanced topics in later chapters.

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